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Double result, double chance (HT / FT)

Is football betting with Where players have to predict the competition results Which must specify Team leading in the first half and ending the match in the second half, which team will win, such as HH = first half, home team leads to end of home game wins, DH = first half draw ends, home team wins, AD = first half, away team leads to end game Always, after having basic knowledge, can begin to apply to play football.

Correct Score Prediction

Is the prediction of the competition results The bettor must predict what the score will be after the game. You can choose whether the first team to score a goal in a game, which football player to score first, which team will score the final goal, including which no team can score.

Mix Parlay or football steps

This football vocabulary Signifies that the player or the bookmaker Able to choose at least 3 teams that bet on football at the same time, choosing a maximum of 15 teams. If all the predictions are correct then bets will be won. Which the more the team selected The return is even greater.

Money Line (ML) or 1X2
It is a type of football betting. Will allow participants to have fun guessing the football team competition results which team will win By choosing to bet on the home or away team Which all betting options can be chosen Whether the home team wins, the away team wins or even the tie, both teams Which the symbol specified has the following meaning

Choose 1 = H = home = Home win = 1

Select x means = D = draw = draw = x

Pick 2 means = A = away = away team wins = 2

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